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Hey! I'm Monisha. If you're ready to grow your business or build a team, it's time for us to optimize your operations.

Yes, I know, most people find business processes uninspiring. 

But, we business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t like most people. We’re obsessed with the inner workings of our business. 

Often imagining how our lives—and the world—will change once our company reaches its full potential.

To get there we need to iron out our operations: workflows, tools, roles, and backend of our business. So that we can bring on new team members, stay productive, and be profitable. 

These days, where do you focus your attention when you're working?

Even though deep down we know this, the reality is we don’t always carve out the time to clean up our operations. 

Other tasks always seem to demand our focus first. Eventually, this catches up to us and we find ourselves in one of these situations:

  • Consumed by the day-to-day, disconnected from the bigger picture, and not making enough progress as we’d like
  • Caught in a catch-22: “I need to hire someone to help me, but I don’t have time to onboard and train them right now”
    • Or you have a great small team but they rely on you to answer their questions during the day to keep work moving forward (or aren’t doing things the way you want them done)
  • Things feel messy, off-track, or not running as smoothly as you know they could be

Thankfully, these are all problems we can fix. 

As an operations strategy consultant, I help my clients navigate these challenges and make better decisions to grow their business, without getting too overwhelmed.

And, where do you want to focus your attention instead?

Through our work together and being willing to make bold moves to get everything organized, my clients are able to take on the role they want to have in their business—whether that is stepping out of the day-to-day or only focusing on the types projects they want to keep working on. 

We work to clean up their operations—from project management and team training to marketing and content systems to make this possible.

Together, we’ve built strategic and tactical plans that aligned daily actions with long-term goals, unified out of sync small teams, and brought productivity and profit back into focus.

Hi! That’s me^ Monisha Bajaj, an operations strategist, and founder.

Structure is key to growth

Before working as a strategist, I was an agency producer and remote project manager where I worked on both small and large, complex, production projects—including helping structure and implement a $1M+ production endeavour and, at any given time, was leading 7-10 project teams concurrently across multiple time zones.

As an agency producer, I managed and executed projects for companies such as Column Five MediaLinkedInHoneywellCourse Hero, Microsoft, SAP, Citrix, MarketoThe Knight Foundation, and Visage. As well as organizing and leading internal initiatives to grow the agency’s portfolio, that generated new leads, and were featured in publications such as Mashable and Man Repeller.

Now, I continue to work with digital businesses, small and large digital media publications, agencies, and enterprises. And, have had the pleasure of working with over 28+ clients in the past few years.

Let's get organized!

Through collaborative strategy and training programs, we can:

A little bit more about me

When I’m not working, you can find me reading, enjoying a podcast (my go to right now is Finding Mastery: High Performances Psychology With Michael Gervais), watching a TedTalk or at a dance class. I value learning, and “ideas worth spreading.” Especially, ones that make a positive difference in the world. 

A few years ago, I founded a local non-profit based in Bangkok called Ruam Chuay, which means collective support in Thai. Collaboration is a key ingredient in every business and creative process. People need to work together to build a brand and create an impact.

With a purpose, it’s not only about driving sales or maximizing revenue (even though this is critical to building a sustainable business). It is also about enhancing your social impact and community engagement. Structuring your business to truly reflect this is essential to accomplishing these goals. 

Are you ready to propel your business forward? 

If you’d like to work together and get strategy and operations support for your business or a specific project, start by scheduling your free planning session so we can connect.

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Let's chat about the business you are building and what steps you should take to grow more effectively

"Working with Monisha is always a pleasure from start to finish. I’ve relied on her strategic thinking and detailed approach many times to help us determine the best way to approach the execution of a project. Including when we needed to come up with a plan to complete 400 graphics in 14 months.

She has always integrated very well with our overall team and has seamlessly handled content development and oversight, design management, development coordinating, and any other project management needs we had. Not to mention the strategic mind and thoughtful approach she brings to ensure each project meets its intended goal effectively and efficiently. With Monisha on board, I know we’re always in good hands!"

- Jonathan Sweet, Senior Producer, Column Five Media

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