Actionable Strategy Program

Build an impactful business

If you’ve ever sat there and asked yourself: am I focusing on the right tasks to grow my business? Or how do I make sure I stand out on the market and really make an impact? Then it’s time to create an actionable strategy.

A well-thought out strategy means you’ll feel more confident about where you put your effort in your business. An actionable strategy will propel you forward. 

No more sitting there agonizing over where you should spend your time, wondering if you’re headed in the right direction or if you’re taking the right steps to grow and reach your goals. We’ll build out a strategy and a step-by-step plan to help take your business to the next level. 

To formulate your strategy, we’ll work through a series of strategy sessions together. (Yes, all virtual, so we can do this completely remotely!)

What you will get:

  • An in-depth review of your existing business (or plans) 
  • 3 co-creation sessions to formulate your actionable strategy 
  • A documented actionable strategy

Note: To ensure our work together meets your needs, I’ll customize the program to fit your goals and business (i.e. whether you are looking to pivot, niche, or gear up to scale). 

If you’re curious how it could break down below is an example of what our work could cover.

If you’d like to chat about this program, schedule a call with me today.

How it works:

Review Phase

Deep dive into your business


To kick-off our project, we begin with an in-depth review phase to understand what your existing strategy, offers, and team structure looks like. As well as what you’ve already tried—what works and hasn’t for you.

This helps us maximize our time during our co-creation session

1st Session

Get clarity and direction

Strategy Kick-Off

Lay a strong foundation. We’ll talk through your goals and clarify what you are hoping to accomplish in your business.

We break down where your business is now and fill in any existing gaps in your strategy.

2nd Session

Strengthen your foundation

Business Positioning and Revenue Streams

We’ll dive into defining (or refining) your core revenue stream, and uncover what truly will make your business stand out on the market.

(By the way, simply having a one sentence “positioning statement”  is not true positioning or enough to build a solid business around. We’ll be diving into creating true positioning that you can actually act on). 

3rd Session

Plan to launch

Build Your Roadmap 

Establish specific next steps and the actions you’ll take to bring your strategy to life. We’ll co-create a manageable plan to get you 100% ready to execute towards your vision. 

(What this plan looks like will largely depend on what we uncover in our first few sessions, where your business is now and your goals, I’ll be able share what anticipate this will look like when we chat.)

We tie it all together by going over how to keep track of how well your performing is performing. Here we can also best practices to keep in mind during implementation. 


Hand-Off Call

You’ll receive your documented strategy and roadmap so you can start taking next steps to implement your new strategy.

The goal is for you to leave this call feeling 100% ready to execute on your plan.   

The program starts at USD 3550.
Payment plans available upon request.
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"I approached Monisha after nearly a year and hundreds of pages of research and ideas. I had been stagnant, tired of taking notes that I wasn't yet acting on, and ready to move forward with my online community but unsure of where to even begin.

Monisha reviewed all my detailed work and synthesized the information into very focused and manageable big-picture concepts to lay the crucial foundation for the rest. When I saw my vision and how it would come to life written so clearly right in front of me, I got so excited! It was all POSSIBLE! I knew exactly what I needed to do and felt prepared and confident in my next steps.

She's sharp, processes information lightning fast, knows exactly what she's talking about, and guided our workshops in an incredibly productive and fun way. Not only that but she's super approachable, professional, and genuine, with a wealth of well-rounded experience in a variety of business practices.

1000% recommend (no, that's not a typo)."

- Nancy Hagan, Founder

"Monisha is amazing, for me she is a business optometrist.

You come to her with a blurry vision of what you should do about your business and she provides you with the perfect diagnosis and treatment and suddenly your vision is fixed and you end up with a powerful strategy to put that in motion.

I will definitely recommend anyone to work with her and will call her again when I need. "

- Gwenaelle Lequeux, Founder

"I was overwhelmed and unsure of how to develop my fast-growing business so as to keep it wholly in line with my values and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

After Monisha's workshops, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. She was able to guide me in creating a very clear mission, vision, and strategy, and — most importantly — now I have a step-by-step plan I can follow for implementation.

She provides a clear structure to the workshops, making sure we achieve our objectives in a short amount of time, while staying flexible enough to improvise and adapt when priorities change as a result of our work.

She brings joy to business development and a clear-headed, grounded approach that has been truly game-changing for me."

- Marie-Anne Chaloupecky, UX writing consultant and Founder, Ways of Words

Want some clarity?

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