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Have an operations or business strategy question? A project you want to do together? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or ready to optimize and scale, I’m here to help.

To schedule a 40-minute complimentary call with me, please select an appointment time below.


We’ll use an app called Zoom. The URL link for our meeting is sent to you in an email confirmation when you schedule your appointment. All you need to do at our scheduled time is click on that link and join the meeting.

If you’ve never used Zoom, don’t worry, just click on a link and it’ll pop up. If you like to be extra prepared (like I do) you can download an app to your computer in advanced, but the link won’t be live until our meeting time!

We spend a few minutes time discussing your business, what you do, and what you need. Then we can chat through 1-2 areas you’re looking to improve on or feel a little stuck on.

Whether that’s ways to set up or launch a new project, optimize your operations, or just get organized. I’ll answer any operations questions you might have and we’ll work to give you some concrete things you can do to move forward now.

Then, I’ll share my process with you and we see what we can do. (Whether that’s working with me or going in a different direction!)

We’ll talk about the exciting next steps you’re about to take with your current business (or new venture) and where you might feel stuck. 

If you like to mentally prepare, here are some things to think about:

  • Do have or need to develop a strategy for your operations or customer experience?
  • Do you need help improving your workflows, processes, or training and on-boardng team members? 

It’s helpful to know where you are currently at with your operations (i.e. just starting, have some plans, have a lot etc..) and where you would like to go with it.

What's it like working with Monisha?

"Working with Monisha was exactly what I needed!

She helped me take my general ideas and big picture thinking, and distill that down into a very actionable and detailed plan. I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there.

Monisha was able to see all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them together in a cohesive and approachable way. I now have a clear direction and path to follow to make my goals happen."

- Morgaine Trine, Financial Strategist, Bookkeeper, and Founder, Honestly Bookkeeping

"Everyone needs a Monisha in their lives! I enjoyed the whole process of working with her and only wish I had done it sooner.

After almost 2 years of launching the business and building the concept, I realised we needed to narrow down the focus. Monisha helped gain clarity on what that focus was and how to implement the systems in making things happen!

Her strategic thinking, great communication style and structured workshop left me wanting more! She is passionate about helping small businesses and has a clear understanding of their pain points. She has great vision, is trustworthy and fun to work with.

She went over and above the requirements and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Just jump on a call with her and see for yourself!"

- Samantha Gargour, CEO and Founder , Finding Startups

"I was overwhelmed and unsure of how to develop my fast-growing business so as to keep it wholly in line with my values and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

After Monisha's workshops, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. She was able to guide me in creating a very clear mission, vision, and strategy, and — most importantly — now I have a step-by-step plan I can follow for implementation.

She provides a clear structure to the workshops, making sure we achieve our objectives in a short amount of time, while staying flexible enough to improvise and adapt when priorities change as a result of our work.

She brings joy to business development and a clear-headed, grounded approach that has been truly game-changing for me."

- Marie-Anne Chaloupecky, UX writing consultant and Founder, Ways of Words

"[Monisha's] ability to strategize for and plan large projects - with knowledge and insights that spanned a variety of industries - was inspiring. Her creativity and leadership are apparent to everyone she works with, and her organizational skills are unparalleled."

- Sara Barbour, Project Coordinater, NPR

"My experience working with Monisha was thorough, professional and enjoyable. Monisha helped build the infrastructure we need for a growing organization to instill best practice for our CRM as well as mapping and tracking our key processes.

Flexible in her approach we now have working tools that are being used by the team. I really appreciated having tangible [documentation] as an output that I can continue to refer to."

- Sophia Cheng, Communications Manager, If Not Us Then Who?

"Monisha created an amazing Project Management/CRM database for me.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder, and I needed a system to organize myself as an entrepreneur. She was very patient listening to how off the shelf organizational systems (paper and electronic) were not working for me.

She met with me to fully understand my needs for this system, and then she even threw in some things that I did not expect. Working with Monisha has exceeded all my expectations. The database she built for me is life-changing."

- Fara Grim, Community Manager

"Monisha is amazing, for me she is a business optometrist.

You come to her with a blurry vision of what you should do about your business and she provides you with the perfect diagnosis and treatment and suddenly your vision is fixed and you end up with a powerful strategy to put that in motion.

I will definitely recommend anyone to work with her and will call her again when I need. "

- Gwenaelle Lequeux, Founder

"Working with Monisha is always a pleasure from start to finish. I’ve relied on her strategic thinking and detailed approach many times to help us determine the best way to approach the execution of a project. Including when we needed to come up with a plan to complete 400 graphics in 14 months.

She has always integrated very well with our overall team and has seamlessly handled content development and oversight, design management, development coordinating, and any other project management needs we had. Not to mention the strategic mind and thoughtful approach she brings to ensure each project meets its intended goal effectively and efficiently. With Monisha on board, I know we’re always in good hands!"

- Jonathan Sweet, Senior Producer, Column Five Media

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