Execution Optimization Program

Optimize and structure your business

Transform scattered actions into scalable processes

A strong operating model makes the running your business (or juggling multiple projects) much less stressful. It helps you manage your time more effectively and grow more intentionally. 

Through this program, we’ll build a tactical plan to helps you organize your day-to-day, and set up structures to help you stay productive, and profitable as you grow your business. 

When we work to optimize your execution, we can look at two key areas: 

Make life easier day to day

Starting from the inside out, we’ll look at how you structure your internal processes. Whether it’s for your time management, marketing systems or how you organize your team and tasks, developing solid workflows will help you create stay consistent and avoid wasting energy. 

It’s important to tailor this workflow to the needs of your personal needs—or needs of you and your team—so it’s realistic and achievable. 

Create a better experience for the people you work with

Then, we’ll map out how the experience will look for your clients, team members, or customers. And plan for it to align with your brand goals and values. We want to make sure your internal capacity and external experience that you want to create are aligned.

To develop your plan, we’ll collaborate through a series of co-creation sessions together. (Yes, all virtual, so we can do this completely remotely!)

What you’ll get:

  • Tactical plan that breaks down your organizational plan, improved structures and processes
  • Documented and defined operations model
  • 3 co-creation sessions to develop your plan
  • Recommendations and next steps to put this into practice
  • Additional sessions can be added to cover: Job Role Design, Delegation processes, Resource Allocation and more. 

Note: To increase the impact and effectiveness of our work together, I’ll customize the program to fit your goals and needs. If you’re curious how it could break down below is an example of what our work could cover.

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Sample Program Plan


Deep dive into your business

Review Phase

To kick-off our project, we begin with an in-depth review phase to understand how you currently organize yourself and your business. 

This helps us maximize our time during our co-creation session.

1st Co-creation Session

Lay the foundation

Mapping Your Operating Model

We’ll go over your brand, discuss your goals, and the experience you want to create within your business. 

We’ll discuss how you’ve been running everything up until this point, identify what has been holding you back, and what we need to improve to help you get organized. 

2nd Co-creation Session

Identify and optimize

Optimize Core Processes

To help you streamline your processes, we will break down the the actions that occur in your day-to-day. 

We’ll consider the size of your team now, the size you’d like to scale it to long-term, your schedule, and tools needed to develop a process that is tailor-made for your business. 

3rd Co-creation Session

Build Your Roadmap

From Plan to Action

We’ll get you ready to translate the decisions we’ve made together into a plan you can act on. 

We’ll talk about the most effective and efficient ways to execute. For example, breaking down what your days and weeks will look like now that we’ve improved your most critical processes or the steps to take to actually make these changes across your organization.


Receive your plan

We’ll deliver your documented strategy and tactical plan plan and next steps on a hand-off call. 

The goal is for you to leave this call feeling 100% ready to execute on your plan.  

Timeframe: This program takes approx. 8 weeks, depending on our mutual availability.

Investment: The program starts at USD 4075. Payment plans available upon request.

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What others who have completed this program have to say:

"My work with Monisha has been nothing short life-changing! I reached out to her in an attempt to organize my day-to-day; I manage many different growing projects and most of them are creative. I'd been wasting a lot of time switching between tasks and projects, which impacted my ability to enjoy the process and deliver my best work.

Monisha very quickly understood what I needed and how I needed it organized. Not only did she take that into account, but she paid attention to my learning style too, so the process of co-creation was fun, motivating, and incredibly fruitful. She was also organized so we knew exactly what had to get done in each session while remaining flexible enough so we could tend to what was needed in the moment.

It was a true pleasure to work with Monisha. They say structure gives more freedom, which, for a creative, can be counterintuitive. With her help, this sentence has taken all its meaning and I can't wait to see the ripple effects that of our work together will have on my own. I'll keep recommending her to fellow creatives who need to maximize their time lost in that precious "flow" state!"

- Ely Bakouche, Creative Entrepreneur and Founder

"Working with Monisha was exactly what I needed!

She helped me take my general ideas and big picture thinking, and distill that down into a very actionable and detailed plan. I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there.

Monisha was able to see all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them together in a cohesive and approachable way. I now have a clear direction and path to follow to make my goals happen."

- Morgaine Trine, Financial Strategist, Bookkeeper, and Founder, Honestly Bookkeeping

"My experience working with Monisha was thorough, professional and enjoyable. Monisha helped build the infrastructure we need for a growing organization to instill best practice for our CRM as well as mapping and tracking our key processes.

Flexible in her approach we now have working tools that are being used by the team. I really appreciated having tangible [documentation] as an output that I can continue to refer to."

- Sophia Cheng, Communications Manager, If Not Us Then Who?

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