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I’ve been called a “secret weapon” and a “natural connector” by former managers. I help you connect the dots to turn your ideas into content that resonates with people.

My goal is to make content creation less overwhelming for you. And, help you use content marketing more successfully to grow your brand.

Working in content marketing for the last three years, I’ve produced written and visual content for online businesses and agencies to startups and established brands in the technology, education, and non-profit sectors. 

For companies such as Column Five MediaLinkedInHoneywellCourse Hero, Microsoft, SAP, Citrix, MarketoThe Knight Foundation, and Visage.

Create meaningful content consistently

With so many different online platforms to keep up with—from your own website and newsletter to social media—your challenge lies in how to create enough quality content for your brand.

Blog posts, graphics, videos, emails, or interactives that keep people engaged and excited about what you have to offer them.

If you’re investing in making digital media for your brand, you want to make sure you’re putting your energy in the right places. Especially if you have a small team (or maybe it’s just you!).

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Hi! That’s me^ Monisha, a content marketing strategist, digital media producer, and non-profit founder.

I’ve come to find three keys to creating engaging content: research, strategy, and effective execution. 


Research helps us make better decisions

Strategy helps us build a strong foundation and gives us clarity

Effective execution helps us make it happen efficiently  

This type of work happens behind the scenes (hence secret weapon). Creating engaging content is more than designing a beautiful graphic or stringing together a blog post. To leverage content marketing, we have to make the right decisions, build a strong foundation, and execute effectively.

Let’s get organized!

Through our content strategy and production planning sessions, we’ll strengthen your strategy and messaging. I’ll also share my systems with you so we can streamline the way you create digital media. 

Of course, if you just need an extra hand with project management or writing, I offer that too. I’m happy to work as an extension of your team, short-term or long-term.

One of my most meaningful partnerships was a long-term project where I helped produce 400 infographics in 1.5 years (without missing a deadline!). Check it out here.

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A little bit about me

When I’m not working, you can find me reading, enjoying TedTalk, or at a dance class. I value learning and “ideas worth spreading.” Especially, ones that make a positive difference in the world.

Last year, I founded a local non-profit based in Bangkok called Ruam Chuay, which means collective support in Thai. Collaboration is a key ingredient in every creative process. People need to work together to build a brand and create an impact.

If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur, I’m right alongside you on your journey learning how to create the right content for your own purpose-driven brand.

With a purpose, it’s not only about driving sales or maximizing revenue (even though this is critical to building a sustainable business). It is also about emphasizing social impact and community engagement. Quality content marketing can help with both.

Are you a purpose-driven or technology brand? 

Let’s collaborate to create content that captures hearts, minds, and sales for your brand together. Schedule your free planning session and let’s chat!

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I’ve been called a “secret weapon” and a “natural connector” by former managers. I help you connect the dots to turn your ideas into content

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