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Hi! I’m Monisha, I work with founders who want to transition from founder into the CEO role, build cohesive team, and create a healthy workplace.

To do this, I work collaboratively with founders 1:1 to strengthen and unite their business strategy and execution. 

Some of my highlights: I’ve run 350+ strategy sessions with founders across the globe, architected and produced a project that scaled up from $45M to $1.3M, and founded a social enterprise focused on relationship violence prevention.

If you’re looking to expand your business to meet rising demand, I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, would like to connect, or are looking for some support, do send me a message via this form.


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Feeling a little scattered while working hard to bring your vision to life?

As founders, steering the vision for our business is in our hands. The beautiful part about it is that we get to decide how our life will look and what we want to do.

The challenging part? No one teaches you how to forge your own path—especially when you start to move up in business and the answers aren’t as easy to Google anymore.

It’s also a stumbly path, with its many ups and downs.

On the road to building our businesses, we need to be ready to:

Address challenges, solve problems, inspire and hire people, sell ethically, brush off naysayers, take constructive feedback, bounce back from failure, learn a lot, and wade through the many messages entrepreneurs are bombarded with about what you “should” do.

Just thinking about all the choices that have to made and things that have to be done can be so tiring. It takes up a lot of mental energy. 

So if you’d like to enter a space where you can just tune out the noise, remove the clutter, get clear, and be sure you’re making the right decisions. Then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’ve tried to get clear before through:

Writing up to-do lists that go on for days, Setting SMART goals, planning a 90-day year, using a matrix like "do now, do later, delegate, eliminate," Buying a new planner or new tool, going back to the drawing board and starting again, taking your big idea and chunking it down into smaller steps then breaking it up across days or weeks or months.

And somehow, after a little while, you still end up right back where you started. Feeling scattered again and moving in too many different directions, not sure how to expand your business to support yourself and a team.

While these are all useful tools to have in your organizational toolkit (I use some myself), the key is to use them in the right order and at the right time—specific to your business.

A solid, tailor-made strategy and action plan can help you confidently navigate growth (and enjoy it too!)

When founders reach out to work with me, they usually have an impactful vision they are working towards—but at some point they are so overwhelmed they have a hard time seeing how to move forward or can’t keep going the way they have been. 

I’ve found this feeling is usually a signal that something deeper is happening under the surface. 

To pinpoint what the deeper issue is, we engage in a collaborative process to develop a cohesive strategy and execution plan.

As a strategist, I know that the term strategy has different meanings to different people and has become one of those overused business terms.

So let’s get on the same page about what this means here:

A strategy is not: 

  • Coming up with your why
  • Setting goals
  • Using a fill-in-the-black “mission, vision, values” PDF worksheet
  • Abstract, fluffy, and aspirational
  • Just thinking work
  • “How to win at X” or “Be the best in X market”
  • A plan (That means, no, “strategic planning” is not a thing – they are contradictory terms!)

A strategy is:

  • A process used to determine the right places to invest your time, money, effort, energy, and resources
  • A clear, focused, and personalized system that once created is used as a filter for day-to-day decision making (keeping your daily actions aligned with your bigger picture goals)
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and determining how to create profit, impact, and sustainable growth in your business. (Note: I only work with clients who want to have a healthy, scalable business, but not with quick fixes and rapid hyper growth, just a note to make sure that this aligns with your goals.)

Ultimately, a cohesive strategy helps you get focused, make better choices, take action, and anticipate and respond well to challenges. 

When paired with a roadmap for execution, it can also help you create momentum in your business, help you take action and move forward—without spinning your wheels.

So you know things like: exactly what structures to put in place to support your growth, who to hire (and when), and how to diversify your revenue without diluting your resources.

Here's how having a cohesive strategy and execution roadmap has helped some of my clients

And what it’s like to work with me.

“I was overwhelmed and unsure of how to develop my fast-growing business so as to keep it wholly in line with my values and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

After Monisha’s workshops, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. She was able to guide me in creating a very clear mission, vision, and strategy, and — most importantly — now I have a step-by-step plan I can follow for implementation.

She provides a clear structure to the workshops, making sure we achieve our objectives in a short amount of time, while staying flexible enough to improvise and adapt when priorities change as a result of our work.

Monisha brings joy to business development and a clear-headed, grounded approach that has been truly game-changing for me.”

— Marie-Anne Chaloupecky
 Founder of Ways of Words, UX Consultancy

“I used to think strategy was something I could do on my own. Now I know it is worth investing in someone who really knows their stuff!

After almost 2 years of launching the business, I realised we needed to narrow down the focus.

She helped us gain clarity on what that focus was and how to implement the systems in making things happen!

Everyone needs a Monisha in their lives! I enjoyed the whole process of working with her and only wish I had done it sooner.

She is passionate about helping founders and has a clear understanding of their pain points. She has great vision, is trustworthy and fun to work with.

Her strategic thinking, great communication style and structured workshop left me wanting more! She went over and above the requirements and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.


Just jump on a call with her and see for yourself!”

— Samantha Gargour
 Founder of Finding Startups, Digital Business

“My work with Monisha has been nothing short life-changing! 

I reached out to her in an attempt to organize my day-to-day; I manage many different growing projects and most of them are creative. 

I’d been wasting a lot of time switching between tasks and projects, which impacted my ability to enjoy the process and deliver my best work.

Monisha very quickly understood what I needed and how I needed it organized. Not only did she take that into account, but she paid attention to my learning style too, so the process of co-creation was fun, motivating, and incredibly fruitful. 

She was also organized so we knew exactly what had to get done in each session while remaining flexible enough so we could tend to what was needed in the moment.

It was a true pleasure to work with Monisha. They say structure gives more freedom, which, for a creative, can be counterintuitive. With her help, this sentence has taken all its meaning and I can’t wait to see the ripple effects that of our work together will have on my own. 

I’ll keep recommending her to fellow creatives who need to maximize their time lost in that precious “flow” state!”

— Ely Bakouche
 Creative Entrepreneur and Founder, Digital Publication

“I approached Monisha after nearly a year and hundreds of pages of research and ideas. 

I had been stagnant, tired of taking notes that I wasn’t yet acting on, and ready to move forward with my online community but unsure of where to even begin.

Monisha reviewed all my detailed work and synthesized the information into very focused and manageable big-picture concepts to lay the crucial foundation for the rest. When I saw my vision and how it would come to life written so clearly right in front of me, I got so excited! It was all POSSIBLE! I knew exactly what I needed to do and felt prepared and confident in my next steps.

She’s sharp, processes information lightning fast, knows exactly what she’s talking about, and guided our workshops in an incredibly productive and fun way. Not only that but she’s super approachable, professional, and genuine, with a wealth of well-rounded experience in a variety of business practices.

1000% recommend (no, that’s not a typo).

— Nancy Hagan
 Founder, Digital Community Platform

Want to a personalized strategy and execution roadmap?

To formulate your strategy and/or execution roadmap, we’ll work through a series of co-creation workshops together. (We run them all virtually over video call.)

Below are my signature programs for you to choose from—depending on the stage you are at with your business.

All programs are customized to meet unique needs of your business, so do fill out the form below to get in touch and share your specific situation with me.

Actionable Strategy

Create focus in your business and day-to-day

An actionable strategy sets up your business to reach your audience and meet your goals.

Strategy workshops are designed to help you:

  • Pivot, niche, or set your business up for scale
  • Re-position your business and establish a strong foundation in alignment with your goals
  • Define your offerings and explore the most suitable paths to profit and scale based on your values 
  • Plan for a digital product or service launch

We work together for approx. 7 weeks and you get:

  • An in-depth audit and review of your existing business (or plans) 
  • Hands-on guidance and collaboration on your strategy through a series of co-creation sessions, typically, covering:
    • Defining your business model and business positioning
    • Determine primary revenue streams, offer structure, and approach to ethical sales and marketing for customer/client acquisition or building an audience.
  • A documented business strategy and execution roadmap.

This program is customized to fit the stage you are at in your business—whether you are in the early stages or scaling. 

The program starts at USD 3000. But may vary depending on your business needs. Each program tailored and made specific to your needs.

To learn how the program can be customized to your specific situation, fill out the form below.

Execution Optimization

Create momentum in your business 

Get organized and put your resources where it counts to grow more effectively.

Execution optimization workshops are designed to:

  • Refine your organizational structure to help you run the different areas of your business more effectively
  • Better define processes and workflows that are tailored to the work styles, availability, and needs of your small team (or just you!)
  • Improve the relationship between you, your team members, and/or co-founders

We work together for approx. 9 weeks and you get:

  • An in-depth audit and review of your existing operating model and processes. 
  • Hands on guidance and collaboration on your operating model through a series of co-creation sessions, typically, covering: 
    • Defining your operating model, organizational and team structure, and plan for scaling/hiring
    • Identify key friction points in your existing process and how to fix them so things can run smoothly
    • Resource allocation planning to determine where to put your time, energy, and resources for yourself and your small team moving forward 
  • A documented tactical plan and execution roadmap to optimize your operations. 

This program is best suited for people who already have a validated offer (meaning people buy what you sell, and you’re starting to see more work than you can handle!)

The program starts at USD 3500. But may vary depending on your business needs. Each program tailored and made specific to your needs.

To learn how the program can be customized to your specific situation, fill out the form below.

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