Strategy and Operations Optimization Services

Below, you’ll find my current offerings. Send me a message if you have any questions (or if you want to see my secret menu).

Actionable Strategy Program

Get direction in your business

An actionable strategy sets up your business to reach your audience and meet your goals.

Strategy sessions are designed to help you:

  • Pivot, niche, or set your business up for scale
  • Re-position your business and establish a strong foundation in alignment with your goals
  • Define your offerings and explore the most suitable paths to profit and scale based on your values 
  • Plan for a digital product or service launch
This program is adapted to suit the stage you are at in your business. 
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Execution Optimization Program

Structure your business and streamline your processes 

Get organized so you put your resources where it counts and grow more effectively.

Execution optimization sessions are designed to:

  • Optimize your organizational structure to help you run the different areas of your business more effectively and strategically
  • Better define processes and workflows that are tailored to the work styles, availability, and needs of your small team (or just you!)
  • Improve the relationship between you, your team members, and/or co-founders
This program is best suited for people who have already have a validated offer or have been in business at least 1.5 to 2 years. 

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Custom Program

Need a completely custom Strategy Execution solution?

I offer some custom programs to help with: 

  • Process Improvement: Get unstuck on a specific areas of your business
  • Kick-Offs: Trying to figure out if a new revenue stream or project will work? Get input and explore the possibility through a series of strategy exercises. 
  • Team + Founder Prioritization: Run strategy exercises to help you get clear on your priorities and vision (helpful if you’re juggling a lot!) and trying to figure out how to distribute work across your team.

"Whenever I hit a creative block on a project Monisha always helped me smash it into tiny little bits."

- Charlie Noard, Graphic Designer

Uniting Business Strategy and Execution

or make sure your tech stack is supporting your mission as a business, here are two ways to get support: 

Tech Stack Selection Program

Get a grip on the software and tools you use in your business


The number of the tools we rely on run our business grow quickly. Whether you’re eying a new tool to add to your tech stack or want to make a change, together we’ll uncover the best way to structure your tech stack to allow you to: 

  • Eliminate unnecessary tools
  • Make sure all your tools integrate well together for a seamless experience
  • Identify areas to automate processes
  • Setting up your tech stack to support your team members
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Team Growth and Delegation System

Expand Your Business’ Capacity 

Growing a team is both exciting and nerve-wracking.  

Whether you’re gearing up to make your first hire or have already have a few contractors on your team, you’re ready to get intentional. 

Together, we can map out your team growth and delegation system. 

It’ll help you setup your team for success, delegate more effectively, and get a better overview of what is happening across the company.

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