Strategy and Operations Planning Services

Below, you’ll find 5 of my current offerings. Send me a message if you have any questions!

Content Strategy Program

Plan to create better content

A content strategy sets up your content to reach your audience and meet your brand goals.

Strategy sessions are designed to help you:

  • Strengthen your messaging
  • Plan to create original and engaging content in alignment with your goals
  • Explore ways to maximize the use of the content you create
Program starts at USD $1475

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Operations Planning Program

Streamline your processes

Get organized with a plan so you put your resources where it counts and bring your ideas to life. 

Operations planning sessions are designed to:

  • Plan for a digital product or service launch
  • Develop a system to help you run the different areas of your business more effectively and strategically
  • Design processes and workflows that are tailored to the work styles, availability, and needs of your small team (or just you!)
Program starts at USD $1475

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Ongoing Strategy Support

Align your day-to-day with your bigger picture vision

Experiencing growing pains as your business expands? 

Together, we can calm the chaos and make sure you put your effort in the right places: 

  • Strategy sessions at regular intervals to ensure momentum, address friction points, and make critical decisions
  • Set or review monthly goals and targets (and a plan to meet them)
  • Identify areas to improve and optimize your processes as you grow
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"Whenever I hit a creative block on a project Monisha always helped me smash it into tiny little bits."

- Charlie Noard, Graphic Designer

Need a one-off session?

If you’re rebranding or starting fresh, a good place to begin is with your brand strategy. It sets the foundation for your content and operations planning. Here are one-off sessions that can help you define or update your personal or business brand: 

Brand Strategy Workshop

Define your brand

Having a “brand identity crisis”?

This workshop is designed to help you get clear on: 

  • How you describe what you offer (succinctly)
  • Your purpose, what you stand for, and value
  • The characteristics that describe your brand

We’ll break it down, build it back up, and document it. 

This one-off session is USD $250. 
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Brand Messaging Workshop

Clarify your messaging

How do you tell people about your business? What are you sharing in your marketing or content? 

This workshop is designed to help you: 

  • Nail down your elevator pitch (in a natural, non-salesy way) 
  • Connect your goals with what your clients, users or customers genuinely want
  • Identify the overarching story that ties together your brand, marketing, and content

We’ll connect the dots and map out a messaging plan for you to bring to life. 

This one-off session starts at USD $250. 
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