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While rewarding, growing a business comes with its own set of challenges

Like feeling pulled in too many directions

If you find yourself feeling stressed out when you sit down to work and wondering:

“Am I spending my time on the right tasks? How am I going to do this anyway? (My vision is huge!) There are so many things I’ll need to figure out. Things feel so scattered right now and I’m feeling pulled in too many directions…”

Then, mapping out an actionable strategy will help propel you and your business forward in the right direction.

Growing a business is less overwhelming with a strong strategy and clear processes in place.

Get clear with an actionable strategy

Go from scattered to scalable

Thoughtfully defining what you want to accomplish with your business and have a manageable plan of action will make it possible for you to grow a profitable and purposeful business.

It’ll also help you focus your energy in the right places. This matters because, as you probably already know, building a business has so many more moving parts than you’d expected it to have!

Hi! I'm Monisha

A methodical counterpart to visionary founders. Also known as an operations strategist. I bring systems thinking, a fresh perspective, and a trained eye to the businesses I work with. 

With 5+ years as a strategy consultant, project manager, and founder myself, I have worked with startups, digital businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

Keep work organized, productive, and profitable

My goal is to help founders step into the “CEO role,” execute effectively to accomplish their goals, delegate better, and create a bigger positive impact on people through their work. 

I value creating strong and meaningful partnerships through collaborative strategy programs and ongoing support.

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digital media assets produced


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"[Monisha's] ability to strategize for and plan large projects - with knowledge and insights that spanned a variety of industries - was inspiring. Her creativity and leadership are apparent to everyone she works with, and her organizational skills are unparalleled."

- Sara Barbour, Project Coordinater, NPR

Work with me

Actionable Strategy Program

We create manageable strategic and tactical plans to help you take the right steps to grow your business. 

Execution Optimization Program

We work with together to structure, optimize, and organize your business and processes. 

Ongoing Strategy Execution Support

Stay on track as you grow your business with regular strategy sessions to keep your day-to-day activities aligned with your overall goals. 

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