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Digital content connects people

That’s a good thing because you have a lot of exciting content ideas.

But, if you’re wondering: what order should I share them in? How should I organize it on my website? Or will what I am trying to say actually make sense to people?

Then, mapping out a strategy will give you direction.

Creating content is less overwhelming with a strong strategy and process in place

From ideas to action

Get clear with a content strategy

Thoughtfully defining what you want your content to do and why you are creating it makes it easier to answer these questions.

It’ll also help you focus your energy in the right places. This matters because, as you probably already know, creating content is more challenging (and time-consuming) than you’d expect it to be!

Hi! I'm Monisha

For the last 4 years, I’ve helped brands use content marketing to build trust with their audiences. I bring both creative and technical skill sets to my work.

My background in communication, design, and technology has given me a lot of opportunities to experiment with the creative process. I’m excited to share what works with you.

Systematic Creativity

Combining creativity with a system helps bring ideas to life. With a process in place, you can focus on getting your message out there.

I’m here to help develop your strategy and content creation process. And, make creating engaging content easier.

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"[Monisha's] ability to strategize for and plan large projects - with knowledge and insights that spanned a variety of industries - was inspiring. Her creativity and leadership are apparent to everyone she works with, and her organizational skills are unparalleled."

- Sara Barbour, Project Coordinater, NPR

Work with me

Content Strategy Consulting

Strengthen your messaging, align your content with your brand, and plan to meet your goals. 

Operations Planning Workshops

Design an effective workflow and a plan of action for your content program or campaign. 

Ongoing Strategy Support

Stay on track as you grow your business with regular strategy sessions to help align your day-to-day with your overall goals. 

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