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Have a project you want to do together? A content marketing question? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? I'm here to help.

You'll leave the call with actionable ways to move forward with your content marketing or project.

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We'll use an app called Zoom. The URL link for our meeting is sent to you in an email confirmation when you schedule your appointment. All you need to do at our scheduled time is click on that link and join the meeting.

If you’ve never used Zoom, don’t worry, just click on a link and it’ll pop up. If you like to be extra prepared (like I do) you can download an app to your computer in advanced, but the link won’t be live until our meeting time!
We spend a few minutes discussing what you do and what you need. Then we can chat through 1-2 areas in your content that you're looking to improve on or feel a little stuck on.

Whether that's ways to make it more original, engaging, or easier to create, or how to use for your brand in the first place we'll give you 1-2 things you can do to move forward now.

Then, I’ll share my process with you and we see what we can do. And, I answer any content marketing questions you might have. (Whether that’s working with me or going in a different direction!)
We'll talk about what you do and how you use (or want to use) content for your business.

It's helpful to know where you at with content creation (i.e. just starting, have some plans, have a lot etc..) and if you have an upcoming project in mind and what you might be stuck on right now.
We can figure out what would be the best solution for you on the call! If you like to mentally prepare, here are some things to think about:

  • Do have or need to develop a strategy for your content?
  • Are you just looking for a one-off crash course or writing project?
  • Do you need help planning production for your content program or an upcoming campaign?