Production Planning Program

Create Content Seamlessly

A good production plan makes the process of creating content less stressful and, well, more productive. 

Whether it’s for blog posts, graphics, social assets, a web project, videos, or any type of content a solid workflow will help you create quality content consistently and without wasting energy.

It’s important to tailor this workflow to the needs of you and your team—so it’s realistic and achievable. 

We’ll develop your plan through a series of planning sessions together. (Yes, all virtual, so we can do this completely remotely!)

What you’ll get:

  • 3 co-creation sessions to develop your production plan
  • A customized content creation workflow  
  • Production execution plan 

If you would like a detailed production plan for a specific campaign or content engagement, schedule a call so we can chat about it!

How it works:

1st Session

Lay the foundation


We’ll go over your brand, discuss your goals, and types of content you are going to create, and how frequently you want to create it.

We’ll also discuss how you have been creating content up until this point and what changes you would like to make. 

2nd Session

Build your roadmap

Production Planning 

To help you create great content consistently, we will break down all the actions needed to take your content from an idea to published. 

We’ll consider the size of your team (even if it’s just you), your schedule, and tools needed to develop a process that is tailor-made for your business.

3rd Session

Make it happen

From Plan to Action

We’ll get you ready to bring your plan to life. We’ll talk about the most effective and efficient ways to get things done. For example, ways to ensure you won’t miss deadlines!

The goal is for you to leave this call feeling 100% ready to execute on your production plan.  

The program starts at USD $1275 (or two payments of $575 and $700). To take the next step, schedule your free consultation call with me below.

Ready to get organized?

Schedule a free planning session so we can tailor this program to fit your needs.

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